After 20 years I have finally been able to tick another M box.

The Z3M Coupe in Imola Red

The 1999 BMW Z3 M COUPE

Straight 6 321BHP ripped from the E36 M3 Evolution.. 
Sharing the same 321BHP lump as its big brother, but weighing in considerably less means its more point to point racer than autobahn stormer.

 Sharing some other components, but the obvious ones are the Dash and Steering wheel.

Some familiar features borrowed from the M3, they raided the Z3M Roadster parts bin too.

Though the M Coupe has a “Coupe” logo to differentiate it.
The same but different.
I’m a sucker for the old colours, so if I were to get an M it needed to be Imola or Dakar Yellow at a push, but under the right light conditions, and when the car is polished, you cant get much better for a M Power car that Imola Red to show off its curves, in my opinion.

Z3M CoupeZ3M Coupe

The light really changes how the colour pops.

Z3M Coupe wheel

The wheels look huge but they are 17 inch wearing 245/40 rubber.
BMW Z3M CoupeBMW Z3M Coupe
Just waiting to be driven.
Z3M Coupe Interior
Black leather was a preferred option for the heated electric sports seats, the Red trim can be a bit bright, and doesn’t wear well over time.